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Hypnosis works on many different levels, to be able to solve the most difficult challenges and problems. Regardless of what this is about performance anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, change behaviors, fears, phobias , grief, past life regression, fear, sports hypnosis, mental training, or other areas of your life, hypnotherapy can help you reach the next level of your own personal development.

In this journey we are there to guide you to the best you can be. hypnosis Research shows that hypnotherapy is an effective method. Thank you for taking the time to visit "Inner Health". We welcome you to explore more of what hypnotherapy can do just for you?

About Inner Health

At Inner Health we work with hypnosis services individually and in groups. We are Diplomatic and Certified Hypnotherapists. We offer different methods in the therapy work; hypnoanalysis, suggestion therapy and past lives etc.

To reinforce these methods, we use additional methods such as test-based health, health counseling, hypnotic metaphors, visualization, breathing techniques, movement techniques, timelines, regression. As well as Coaching to create deeper self-awareness of their inner & outer strengths and weaknesses.

In order for the positive results of the treatment to continue to be strengthened in the client's subconscious mind, we also teach self-hypnosis.

Upptäck hur du kommer att bryta igenom dina gamla utmaningar och rör dig framåt in i din personliga frihet.

Vårt mål är att ge dig den mest effektiva processen på det mest effektiva sättet på kortast tid.

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Hypnosis against performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is fear of failure or fear of failure to live up to
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Hypnosis for pain

When you feel better in your body, you feel better about yourself. Since you live in a physical body, it is best to take care of the physical health and
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Hypnosis for sleep disorders

Research shows that hypnosis is effective in optimizing sleep. One study showed that hypnosis helped 90%
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Hypnosis for anxiety and depression

A study at Yale University divided patients into three
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Hypnosis to change behaviors

Automatic behaviors are behaviors that people repeat, as this behavior is simple, convenient or rewarding.
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Regression - Former Life Therapy

Past Life Regression If you are stuck and do not go ahead and test other methods such as KBT or psychoanalysis. But still feel
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Hypnosis against social phobia

Wanting to overcome fears and phobias is very common. There is no need to live in fear, especially when help is available
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Hypnosis mourning

Grief-working means that some of our dreams, hopes and expectations about the future will burst. At the time after a loss
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