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We at Inre Hälsa stand for world-class health and personal development!

For us, inner health means that we want to help our clients build a new lifestyle, consolidate new habits and behaviors for life.

We stand for belief that everything is possible, inner change and to dare to live your life to the fullest.

We believe in lifelong health because people have the potential to change.

We believe that most people can handle everything as long as you make the decision to dare to face yourself.

We at Inner Health want to help our clients achieve goals they did not think were possible - we know how to succeed!

Collaborate with Inner Health

Internal Health works with partners to be able to be seen and meet each customer's unique needs. We have a network with different competencies and each area is represented by a carefully selected entrepreneur who is an expert in their field.

Be a part of the future join Inre Hälsa today!

Franchises concept

Inner Health is the country's fastest growing hypnosis network.

Through our local partners, we offer our customers close contact with a very high level of service. Via Inre Hälsa's effective marketing in Sweden, we reach the most customers.

We at Inre Hälsa franchise health welcome you into a world of new opportunities.

Through Inre Hälsa Franchising concept, you are given the opportunity to run your own well-proven concept.

Being part of Inre Hälsa provides access to a large customer market with a great need for help. Where all marketing is already done so you can focus on core business.

The Inner Health franchise has been developed to make it smooth and everyone to benefit from this. From hypnosis company to customer. The principle is simple but the result is revolutionary.

We are looking for existing hypnosis companies that want to join this and be a part of the future in our industry. Franchisees who want to market training, receive private and corporate customers in each location who care about high service and quality.

Franchise in Inner Health has been developed to minimize risks and for better results. Fixed costs have been minimized to give all franchisees a good opportunity to succeed with their business and with Inre Hälsa's central position, we create an effective market for you and which in turn gives an increased result.

Join the Inner Health Franchising, it is a lot too involved and you will not regret it.

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Niklas Lindvall