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Advanced Hypnotherapy

If you want to really deepen your knowledge in hypnosis, the course Advanced Hypnotherapy is the one you really want to take! The training will give you new knowledge on how to move your client to create faster changes and a hypnotic language that creates trance in the person directly.

What will you learn?

  • How to check your internal condition
  • How to create deep scratches with anyone
  • How to use the language
  • How to handle the client's internal state
  • How to find the client's criteria and values

During the internship days, you will also gain a deeper understanding of how to combine previous techniques that you have learned at Inre Hälsa. This will make us work on a faster and deeper level.

theory Course

You will receive materials where there are instructions and templates for how you can deal with various problems and situations that arise in a therapy clinic when you work with Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Only when you are ready to make profound changes and influences in your life should you decide to book the course.

Take the next step towards taking control of your results by getting started today.

The course is aimed at those who want to develop themselves and who have a genuine interest in people.

Advanced Hypnotherapy training

Advanced therapy techniques

Place and Date of the internships
The training will be during a weekend in Norrköping

We meet during a practical course weekend that is for 3 days.

Address: Finspångsvägen 63

Free parking is available right outside

Course material included

Coffee and coffee included

Datum för kursen är Fredag den 12 Mars till Söndag den 14 Mars 

Fredag den 12 Mars kl 13.00-16.00

Lördag den 13 Mars kl 09.00-16.00

Söndag den 13 Mars kl 09.00-16.00

We reserve the right to cancel or move the course in the event of too few participants or other circumstances beyond our control.


Theory course Advanced Hypnotherapy: SEK 5,500 for private individuals

For companies, VAT is added


Diplomas are obtained after all parts have been completed and the course approved.

The steps are:

Attend the internship days


By going your own Advanced Hypnotherapy for personal development 5 times

What is required for you to be able to take the course:

Du behöver ha genomgått Inre Hälsas grundkurs i hypnos

SIGN UP HERE- Limited number of places

Advanced Hypnotherapy is a fascinating, captivating and professionally designed education. The tutor leads you step by step into the depths of hypnotherapy. Inre Hälsa's aim is for all participants to receive personal attention and experience. Practice days knowledge is necessary for you as a prospective hypnotherapist. The internship days are mandatory if you want a diploma that proves your professional skills. During the internship days, each technique is shown to a volunteer participant, which means that you get your own knowledge of how the technique works and you also get your own personal development within you.

Diploma and Certificate

In the training, you will receive a home exam which you answer at your own pace. Once you have attended Inre Hälsa's education Advanced Hypnotherapy, you as a participant should feel and experience that you are a specialist in your field. It will help you to help both yourself and other people. You learn through your studies, but to work in real life with paying clients, you get the deepest knowledge. Here you can get guidance for which we charge a fee.

When you have completed all the steps, we will issue a course certificate: A course certificate for completed Advanced course.

Advanced Hypnotherapy's course certificate is given to you who have performed and passed the home exam and attended the internship days and also attended your own Advanced Hypnotherapy for personal development 5 times.

When you receive the diploma from Inner Health, you are qualified in Advanced Hypnotherapy.

What do you learn during the courses in Advanced Hypnotherapy?

What you will learn during the advanced hypnosis training is to gain deep knowledge in various hypnosis techniques such as. manage internal conditions, scratches and conversation structures in order to influence and move a client. When the training is completed, you have gained practical and theoretical knowledge on how to create rapid changes in the human psyche and mind. You have also gained knowledge about how the human brain works to create deep changes in the subconscious and the conscious mind. The training is designed for you who want to work with clients on a deeper level.

Some areas we work with: prestationsångest, smärtlindring, sömnbesvär, ångest, depression, förändra beteenden, rädslor, fobier, sorg bearbetning , överföring, drömmar, fria associationer, bortträngningar, hypnotisk kommunikation, mallar för behandling av olika typer av beroenden, stress, sexuella besvär, social fobi, sport & mental träning.

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