Health counseling - via zoom / on-site - Distance counseling for health

Book free health advice

Book free health advice

Get help for a healthier life today!

We have an unusual holistic view where we look at both physical, nutritional, emotional and subconscious factors behind health imbalances.
Vi sätter dig på en ny väg till hälsa.
Vid ditt konsultationssamtal går vi igenom din nuvarande kost och livsstil, identifierar styrkor och svagheter, så att vi tillsammans kan utforma en plan som hjälper dig att nå och bibehålla en hälsosam livsstil som bidrar till att du blir psykologisk och fysiskt starkare.

5 great reasons to book your health advice today

Get good nutrition advice from qualified nutrition experts - Ask questions about nutrition or health and get evidence-based advice!

Find out what works and why and get a personal plan - Everyone is different. Let us offer you a realistic plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Understand your best strategies and options - Learn simple modifications that you can use to improve your well-being.

You are not alone - Our team of nutrition experts will be with you, helping and supporting you to reach your goal.

You have someone who keeps you on the right track - Your success is our success!
Vi är lika motiverade att hjälpa dig att uppnå dina hälsomål som du är.


- You want to take care of your family's health and well-being but do not have much time

- You want to lose or gain weight in a safe, sensible and permanent way

- You are confused by the diet trends you see online

- You are stuck and no longer know what to eat

- You are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding

- You are struggling with stress or hormonal weight gain

- You want to understand how a proper diet and supplements can help manage various symptoms

- You would like to improve your nutrition to achieve athletic goals

- You want to create lifelong habits to improve your overall well-being


An individual consultation is booked and carried out on site or via Zoom or Skype and after this we take a simple dry blood test in the finger and get an answer within 2 weeks how your balance is in the body. Your Test analyseras av Vitas som är ett Independent and GMP-certified laboratory.
Efter 120 dagar görs ett nytt test som visar på dina förändringar i omega 3 och omega 6 balansen.

WHY CHOOSE Inre Hälsa's health counseling?


To know that you are in good hands, it is important to find someone with a college education who will offer scientific and fact-based advice. We are qualified to give advice on diet.


Our programs are tailored to suit your lifestyle and nutritional needs, as well as fit into your life by offering different options.


You are human, and so are we! Our plan for you will be realistic and sustainable, because this is not about short-term perfection, it is about long-term life changes that you really enjoy implementing!

Health counseling - via zoom / on-site - Distance counseling for health

Health counseling - via zoom / on-site - Distance counseling for health