Choose the Right Hypnotherapist - A feeling of being seen and perceived correctly


Choose the right hypnotherapist

The important thing in choosing the right hypnotherapist is that you control what the therapist has for education and that you feel comfortable and safe with the therapist. For a good session, you need to be able to create trust and release everything and tell everything that comes to you so that you can resolve it together with the therapist.

We are certified and certified in:

Suggestion Therapy
regression Therapy
ICF Coaching

What guarantees can we give you?

Our results are successful because we are 100% honest with clients about what comes up during the session. But also because they are willing to work with what comes up no matter what it is.

One qualified hypnotherapist should have the knowledge to be able to handle different situations in which a client ends up, e.g. a trauma in a past life and how to solve the trauma which is different to solving a trauma in childhood.

Why do we need a hypnotic contract?

Our task is to guide you into one hypnotic state. During hypnosis, we guide you to find a feeling that leads to the root cause of your symptoms.

Here we look for the first event that is connected to this feeling and we do this so that you understand how everything is connected to your symptoms. Then we work with this event for you to let go and move on.

Let go of all expectations

When we work together, the most important thing for you is to let go of all expectations, analytical thinking and not try to control the process or the process.

Instead, let the subconscious mind control by taking the first ones that come to mind. It is also important to be completely honest with the therapist, ie not to censor anything that comes up. If you were to censor the information that comes up, I can not guarantee that we will reach the goal.

What you should do as a client is to let your subconscious mind bring out the emotions that are associated with your symptoms. It's your responsibility to go into hypnosis, I can not do that for you.

Will and honesty towards me

I have no idea what your subconscious will show you, but one thing is for sure and that is that you must have the will to face what comes up, no matter what it is about or who it is about.

There are clients who choose not to be completely honest with me, they do not tell what is coming up and they do not want to process feelings that are coming. If you do this way, you can also not expect a good result.

Best results

When the client is 100% honest with us, we achieve top results, but if the client has not cooperated and does not follow my instructions, we end after the third session.

That we choose to do it that way is that we do not want to waste the client's time or money, but we also do not want to waste our time as there are many clients who need help and who want to work together to achieve results.

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