The first hypnosis session overcomes social phobia, anxiety, depression aversion

The first hypnosis session

The first hypnosis session

In the first hypnosis session you get a document where I tell you what hypnosis is, here I inform about important things so that you get an idea of ​​what to expect when you come to me the first time. If there is a fear of what hypnosis is when we begin the therapy itself, then probably nothing will happen because you will not agree to being relaxed or "letting go" of the emotions.

How many sessions will I need?

We all have different conditions, ie different backgrounds and therefore it is difficult to say how many sessions you will need. In general, you can say that you will need three to six sessions. It all depends on how willing you are as a client and how quickly you want to let go of your old programming. Some people can do this in two sessions, others in five, and some in 15.

Sometimes we may have found the innermost core and that everything feels good to you, but then there will be another problem and then we need to solve this knot as well, which means that we need to continue to work to get you wants.

What do I need to know before I come to you?

Tips are to avoid contact lenses as they can hinder your concentration while we work. Before starting the therapy session, it is a great advantage to have been to the toilet before. Remember to always turn off the cellphone during the session.
It is also important to think about "WAIT BEFORE I GET YOU DOWN". Sometimes sessions can run out of time and you may have to wait.

How does the first session work?

In the first conversation, we discuss the documents that I have sent to you by e-mail. The next step is to tell you what you want help with and what is the goal for you. Most often it is that the client does not really know what the problem originated from, it is in this way I tell you how I intend to put up the work so you know how I think how we will succeed in achieving your goal. Then we do a survey on how you want it, we also go through a questionnaire to see if there is something else that is hindering you. When we have a clear picture of what we need to do, you have to sit down or lie down in my client chair or client's sofa and now it's time for you to relax. The first session is about clearing away anything unnecessary that might stand in the way of getting a clear picture of your problem. The idea is to teach your subconscious how a deep relaxation feels and then store it so that it goes faster the next time if you allow it the first time. What we want to do is prepare the subconscious to let go of fears and blockages.

Do I need to be relaxed in hypnosis?

No not always, you can go into it hypnosis tense for the most important thing is that you follow my voice and follow my instructions. Many times it is about daring to release emotions that have been stored in our physical body. Since we are all different, it may take a long time for the subconscious to dare or let go of the emotions.

Blocking is gone but I still have my problem:

Most likely, we have not identified the root cause of your problem. Sometimes the subconscious can lie to avoid dealing with the root cause and the emotions associated with the event that makes you feel unbalanced. What we need to do then is to continue working with the therapy until the subconscious is ready to put forth the real root cause for you to become good.

How do old feelings and events affect me?

When we work with hypnosis we focus on finding the root cause and it is the feelings behind this event that create imbalance within us. An example could be a four-year-old who fell from a tree and hit his head in the ground and saw how blood ran down his face, etc.

For an adult this is nothing but for a four year old this can be a big traumatic event to see blood and it hurts. Now this four year old has got a perspective and now there is an event of origin that is linked to a feeling that creates imbalance within the child. The emotions that could be associated with this event could be nervous feelings, panic anxiety or some phobia.

From the perspective of the four-year-old, a root cause is created and therefore we need to look in the past for the answers that are disturbing us now. If you want help with getting rid of your basic problems contact me today and we will find the root of these.

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