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How is hypnosis defined?

Hypnosis is a focused state of attention such as. when you watch a movie where you were captured by the actor's emotions and time passed.

What exactly is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an inner focus state and this can be compared to a guided meditation. Hypnosis is a natural condition that EVERYONE is in every day and this condition is so familiar to us that we barely register the feeling when we actually experience it

What should I do if the question I want answered is not answered here?

The subconscious works in different ways, sometimes it takes time for it to let you into the core. What we do is continue to work.

What does a typical hypnotherapy session look like?

We talk for a few minutes and reconcile what has happened since the last time. Then you can either sit or lie down and go into hypnosis by following my voice and my instructions.

What about rebookings and cancellations?

If you cancel or rebook a session, you must contact me by phone, text message or e-mail no later than 24 hours before the session. If the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the session, we will be charged the full price.

Is hypnosis a scientifically proven method?

Yes, it is scientifically proven that hypnotherapy is effective. Hypnosis 100% safe and without side effects. Hypnosis is not magical but sometimes magical things can happen in hypnosis.

How to book a session?

Call or email

What payment methods does Inner Health offer?

Invoice and Swish

What does a session cost?

A session costs between SEK 700 - 1500 depending on how long the treatment lasts

Is there an exception for those who cannot be hypnotized?

No, everyone who wants to be hypnotized will be the only one who follows my instructions and listens to my voice.

How do I prepare for a session? can I drive afterwards?

You do not need to make any special preparations before the session. The important thing is to think about what goal you have with the therapy and visualize for yourself which is the best possible result that you want.

Is there any risk that I will stay in hypnosis? or that I say something against my will?

No, it's a myth that a person can get caught up in hypnosis. No one can force you to say something against your will.

Do you have a duty of confidentiality?


How many sessions do I need?

This can vary depending on how easily the subconscious wants to release emotions and memories. Usually it is between 5-10 sessions depending on the client's conditions.

What is expected of me as a client?

The most important thing in hypnosis is that the client follows each instruction exactly without thinking and also that you are 100% honest about what comes up.

If something happens to the therapist during the treatment, can you come back?

Yes, you can open your eyes at any time and then you are completely back.

Can I be persuaded to do things against my will when I am in hypnosis?

No, it's all about your values ​​and if something goes against them, you can just open your eyes and quit

Do you sleep under hypnosis?

No, hypnosis is a condition that you find yourself between deep relaxation and sleep

Are you aware of what happens in hypnosis?

Yes, in hypnosis you are fully aware and you hear, see and feel better than in an awake state.

Are all susceptible to hypnosis?

Yes, anyone can go into hypnosis for this is a natural state that we are in every day without us thinking about it.

How often should sessions be booked?

We usually recommend once a week or every other week. There are some clients who want to go every three weeks. It is sometimes required for the client to have time to process what happens between the sessions.

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Anyone can go into hypnotherapy, but for it to work, you need a will to go into a hypnotic state. You do this by following instructions and concentrating on my voice.