How Does Hypnosis Work? What is Hypnosis? WHY does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is a natural condition

How does hypnosis work?

Often, as a Hypnotherapist, I hear that people who have the perception that hypnosis is something we do to put suggestions in the brain or in their mind and they feel as if they are not conscious or even aware of when it happens. Some people believe that they have no control over themselves and that they are like a puppet doll during the hypnosis process. Another common misconception is that of being "gone" during the process and waking up from some kind of magic with the expectation of being different and changing as a result. Some even think that if they look into a hypnotist's eye, they will immediately be taken into some strange state of mind. Unfortunately, movies, stage hypnosis and the history of hypnosis have created a totally false image that there should be something suspicious and dangerous to try. The truth comes from modern-day research, and that more people have the courage to use hypnosis to overcome various problems in life.

What is Hypnosis?

Many people think that you can control other people with the help of hypnosis. Can you really? Answer No. People who can be easily hypnotized are the ones who can concentrate and follow my instructions best. Hypnosis is not about being easily deceived, but allowing a focused state of attention to come to you, which means being able to focus your focus inward and concentrate on one thing. Some examples when you do this are when you play instruments, drive a car or watch a movie, etc. In hypnosis you become deeply relaxed but with inner focus and this can be compared to a guided meditation.

Is hypnosis something mysterious and magical?

Answer no! Hypnosis is a natural state that EVERYONE is in every day and this state is so well known to us that we barely register the feeling when we actually experience the hypnotic state. Can everyone go into hypnosis? Yes, everyone who allows it, not everyone does.


Myths about hypnosis

The hypnotic state

There are many who try to define hypnosis, which can, for example, try to compare with joy or love. It is very difficult to explain the essence of the words to give them a fair explanation. The hypnotic state is so well-known to us that we hardly register the feeling when we actually experience the hypnotic state. Think of the last time you read a book, for example, where you were caught by the action in the book so that you experienced the scenes in your mind that you read so you even felt the emotions reflected in the book. This condition is a focused state of attention found in hypnosis. Also reflect on the last time you watched a movie when you were caught by the actor's feelings. Or the last time you drove out of work and came home and you were engrossed in your thoughts, you then think about where the time went and how you got home.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

In therapy, we put the conscious mind on pause through relaxation and can then work directly with the client's subconscious mind. Now that we have created the prerequisite for internal communication, we are able to influence the emotions, thoughts and behaviors one has. Important to know is that no one can be forced to do or say things against their will in hypnosis. To experience this hypnotic feeling, you need to be able to follow instructions and concentrate on my voice. Research has found that a large part of what we know, think and do is controlled by the subconscious mind. These processes are automatic and affect our daily lives on an unconscious level. Most of the automatic behavior has been programmed during our childhood and stored in our subconscious mind. In therapy, Inner Health works with the subconscious of the client to create profound and long-lasting changes.

With the help of hypnosis we find the root cause of the problem

When we work with hypnotherapy on Inner Health we usually work on the basis that there is a root cause why you feel bad, hurt in the body, that you feel in a certain way, act and react in a certain way. This root cause will emerge in the therapy and together we discover the cause and from it create a positive change towards a life you want to live.

Does hypnosis produce results?

In the middle of the debate, will the question, does hypnotherapy really work? In fact, millions of people worldwide choose hypnotherapy to make real life changes. More and more people understand that there is nothing magical. There are plenty of research if hypnosis and its effects, from all over the world.

Hypnosis work with emotions and inner images

In hypnosis, we work with different emotions, such as fears that have become blockages and created an imbalance within us that is evidenced by various illnesses, phobias or something else has developed. Hypnosis is a natural state that occurs between sleep and wakefulness or when you are in a focused state of attention such as when you are "inside" an interesting book, a television program, a movie, playing a computer game or a daydream. Many who come to us are very surprised, at the wonderful state of hypnosis, they feel a longing to experience it again.

self Hypnosis

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, this means that the client needs to want to go into hypnosis or else I cannot hypnotize a person without their will. If you do not want to be hypnotized, you do not listen to the suggestions, ie the suggestions, the instructions.

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