Hypnosis Luleå helps you overcome phobias, stress, fear of flying

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Welcome to Inner Health in Luleå Hypnosis Self-Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

At Inre Hälsa in Luleå, you get help with managing your social phobia, fear of flying, performance anxiety, pain relief, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, changing behaviors, fears, phobias, grief processing and examining past lives.

Hypnosis can be used to advantage to achieve goals & maximize efficiency. Hypnosis is also an effective relaxation method that improves memory and in this state you get access to memories / memory images that in normal states are blocked by, for example, tensions and blockages. Here you can also learn effective self-hypnosis with powerful programming and much more.


Hypnosis on Inner Health in Luleå; become your best self and see results FAST!

HYPNOS LULEÅ helps you with sleep problems, stress, phobias, fear of flying, quitting smoking, quitting snus, anxiety, your self-esteem, losing weight, depression, focus and motivation.

Hypnotherapy - your path to a life of balance and harmony!

Become your best self - get the best out of yourself. Investing in yourself, feeling good and becoming your best self, gaining more energy and stamina, will enrich your life in a positive way.

My name is Ann-sofi Sturk and I live in Norrfjärden between Luleå and Piteå.

In therapy with hypnosis as a basic condition, I treat various problems, the condition is that you are willing to give of your time, money, and self-discipline.

Previous Life Therapy (TLT) - a journey back that you will experience events and emotions that affect you today, such as behavioral patterns.

Regressions can be made for therapeutic purposes but even if you are just curious.

The introductory call is free, so you are welcome to call if you want to know more.

Mobile 070-3924862 Mail: annsofiesturk@icloud.com


75 min / hypnotherapy SEK 750 (introductory call included and audio file)

60 min / hypnotherapy SEK 650 (introductory call included and audio file)

90 min Previous Life SEK 750


Hypnosis results

For you who want to see effective results in a short time and great value for money. I am 99% for my clients, am focused and ready to achieve their goals. A hypnotist who listens and is focused on you! My goal is to attract who you want to be.

What areas is hypnosis suitable for?

If any emotion hinders you
Change behaviors that you want to get rid of
Improve your self-esteem
Find your creative feeling
Help you achieve your goals.
Relationship problems or jealousy?
Stuck in things that have happened - and want to live in the present

Other areas hypnosis can help you with are:

To dare to stand for oneself and not become a doormat
Stop smoking
Dare to be yourself in social situations
Get rid of thoughts that hold you back
Improve sleep and change sleep disorders
Bring out the best in you
Strengthen your son / daughter's self-esteem to believe more in their own abilities in school
Understand why you are choosing the "wrong" partner and get out of this pattern
Strengthen your son / daughter's self-esteem to find themselves again
Strengthen your mental strength in grief processing, in a sport or at work
Prepare for a run-up, performance and competition
To dare to live life exactly as you want and get more joy in life.

We have great expertise in various areas and if you want a hypnotherapist who really cares - then you are warmly welcome here! You are important and your time is important.


Read more about the services that the therapist in Luleå offers:

Total iLuleathere are 5 companies involvedHypnotherapyand many of these people have worked withHypnosisvery long time. It can be difficult to know which one is the besttherapistin Luleå and prices also vary. A clear advantage is if you can get recommendations from someone who says thathypnotherapistis very good at thatOvercome social phobia, anxiety, depression or fear of flying. Information and ratings about those who work with Hypnotherapy in Luleå can usually be found online.

There are many companies in Luleå that offerHypnotherapyand therefore it may be a good idea to call around or check them out online regarding price and different methods that the therapist uses. Before you call someone who is doing Hypnotherapy, you should know what requirements you have regarding what you want help with. You can get good info about Hypnotherapy by looking at websites from various hypnosis companies that work with hypnotherapy.