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Learn to hypnotize from home

Do you want to work with hypnosis in the future? Do you need to learn how to create rapid change?

A distance learning course in hypnosis gives you the right tools to be able to help yourself but also others to develop.

Do you want to take the basic course in hypnosis at a distance & online?
Känner du att det är svårt att hitta en lämplig tid och plats?
Hos Inre Hälsa kan du studera hypnos på distans & online





Remote learningone implementss via zoom

One hypnotherapist is a person who has focus on working with people to achieve their personal goals. To train for hypnotherapist helps you to develop as a person and as a listener but gives you also the tools to be able to develop people on a deeper level.

As hypnotherapistwill you work with people who are in different stages of life but for some reason need to turn to you as hypnotherapist.

The reason why people start going in hypnosisvaries. The can move about grief, anxiety, relationship problems or other difficult life situations. It can also be a part of an individual's personal development. You will meet these people in your professional role and need to know how to deal with and guide them towards their goals.

Facts about the education

The education is a certified undergraduate in hypnosis.

Undergraduate educations scope is 5 weeks with 5 online hits via zoom with three hours per opportunity. The course program is sent home by post. The material and instructional video can be found on Inre Hälsa's FB page, to which you will be invited when registering.

We mix theory with practice. You get to experience both how it feels to be in hypnosis yourself and to guide others online. When you choose a distance education at Inre Hälsa, you will be received by Niklas Lindvall who is expert on hypnosis.

Cost: SEK 5,400 and for companies VAT is added.

Priced includes all study material.

General information:

The training is carried out entirely at a distance without any physical hits.

We have a new start date each 5th week.

We do not require students to go or have been in therapy themselves.

The education is not CSN-eligible.

After exitd education, you will receive a diploma as proof of implemented education with a passed result.

Below are 6 references from the basic course in hypnosis.


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