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Sports Hypnosis training

hypnosis Training

Who should attend a hypnosis course?

Hypnosis is for everyone. Changing your mental state, directing your brain to feel more joy, gaining positive and new ways of thinking and this can all benefit. Maybe you as a coach need a course to expand your knowledge of yourself to be able to better help your clients.

In the areas of sales and communication, a client during a hypnosis course can learn to be able to influence others effectively and quickly. Maybe you are just interested and curious about the powerful tool that hypnosis is. This course can open up an unimaginable world for you.

What can you need for a hypnosis education

Do you need lasting creative development in your professional practice?

Do you want to change and find new methods both for yourself as a therapist and for your clients?

Do you want to improve your individual voice and your therapeutic expression.

What will our hypnosis courses give you?

In the education, we put a lot of focus on practical exercises. You gain new knowledge and learn successful methods to use for pain problems, anxiety, worry, difficulty sleeping, stress, depression etc.

After this course with an experienced instructor, you will have discovered how easy it is to learn hypnosis and to confidently practice it on yourself and others.

You will be sure of how to proceed. It is a practical hypnosis course where Niklas Lindvall teaches the practical parts in a pedagogical way so the participants learn best. By being able to try everything yourself under the guidance of an instructor. Under Niklas Lindvall's safe guidance and clear pedagogical instructions, the participants will have the opportunity to practice hypnosis on each other. The experiences of the exercises will be discussed and provide many insights. During the course, the participants will have fun and make new friendships.

The training is for you who want to develop your role as a therapist, get a new profession or for your own personal development!

Who is the course aimed at?

If you are interested in and have a desire to help people develop and move forward in life, then the education for a Certified Hypnotherapist is for you. You have a deep interest in making people feel good physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Your view of man is that everything belongs together and forms a whole. You have a desire to look for the root causes of ill health. If you have experience of working with personal contact, it is valuable.

Since you as a Certified Hypnotherapist will work with other people's personal development, it is very important that you work with your own. Personal suitability is a prerequisite and you need to have a great knowledge of human behavior and have a high level of empathic ability.

Most hypnotherapists work in their own company but are part of different networks with others. As it can be difficult to reach out with your business and reach potential customers, we can help. See below!

Be a part of the future join Inre Hälsa today!
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