Hypnosis sexual problems - sex - erection problems - orgasm problems

Hypnosis sexual problems

Hypnosis sexual problems

In order for sex life to work, you need to find the reasons why it does not feel satisfactory now. The causes can be many.

You may or may not know how you want it and dare not talk about it. Feeling inhibited?

Is there anything you feel is prohibited?

Are you having a hard time getting pleasure?

Can you give yourself pleasure, if not, do you know why?

Do you live in a loving relationship with your partner where you are treated with respect?

Do you use sex as a valve to get rid of the anxiety and anxiety that bothers you?

Do you feel performance anxiety before sex?

Break the dissatisfaction and try to find something that feels possible to begin with. If you do not understand the problem yourself, we will help you find out through erotic hypnosis. Together with you in hypnosis we do something about your dilemma.

What is erotic hypnosis?

It is a way to get orgasm without touch and you can learn a lot from it.

It is a kind of guided meditation designed to make you relaxed and allow you to have orgasm to the extent you want, without touch.

Sex is most associated with bodily physical touch, but there is also a very large psychological element in eroticism. That is why when you are not in the right mood for sex it is very likely that you find it less pleasant. If your brain doesn't feel sexy, your body has a hard time overriding it. If the brain is really stimulated then the desire is turned on and it is possible to have orgasm just from it.

Hypnosis for sex problems works in exactly the same way as regular hypnotherapy. When you are in the hypnotic state you are much more open to the power of various suggestions and that is because you put yourself in an incredibly relaxed state.

Given that hypnosis is effective in this state, your mind is left open to suggestions and then the idea of ​​erotic hypnosis begins to make more sense. When all the stress and thoughts in life are cleared from your mind, you get the mental space to be really activated just by this exciting stimulation.

Like most hypnotherapy, erotic hypnosis can take some time to learn. Some get orgasm the first time, others get it the second or third time.

In what areas can erotic hypnosis help you develop your sexuality and other aspects?

It is important that you know and think about your wishes and do not let yourself be affected by your surroundings. There are many different views on the meaning of orgasm itself.

The way to relate to orgasm can also differ between women and men. Some think that the technique of scaffolding is important, others that physical proximity with touch and penetration are the means of orgasm. Although the physical part is important, it can be a little breathless.

So if you have other desires with what you want to achieve with the intercourse then being present in the present is important in order to experience and let the moment of orgasm become everything.

There are different ways to approach a solution to the problems you have. Some people seek knowledge through the literature, others may talk to their surroundings and some seek professional help. Most important of all is that you listen to yourself so that one leads to the other.

Different steps we work on in erotic hypnosis

  • Learn to relax
  • Clear away everything that is negative about your sexuality
  • Enhance the erotic feeling in you
  • Connect the erotic feeling to motivation, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.
  • Learn to control the emotion yourself

When we have worked in this way, many other parts of your life change by becoming calmer and able to express your true self.


Sexual drive is an innate powerful need and also necessary for our survival.

Sexuality involves so much more than intercourse. It affects how we feel physically and mentally, how we seek love, closeness and how we treat each other. Our actions and emotions interact with the body when desire arises. Sexuality is influenced by overall experience linked to upbringing and the social environment in which we grew up.

Biological description of sexuality.

As we become sexually aroused via the autonomic nervous system, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and muscle tension increase. Lubrication in the woman and erection in the man are a consequence of the increase in blood flow in the genital area.

Women and men have different sex hormones that affect neurons found in the hypothalamus of the brain that stimulate sexual behavior.

Female sex hormone estrogen interacts with oxytocin a peptide hormone that gives sexual and romantic feelings. The cerebral cortex is active.

Male sex hormone testosterone linked to aggressiveness is not affected by oxytocin but the brain base with hypothalamus is most active during sexual activity. The brain base is active.

This may then explain that the experience of sexual intercourse and its significance is experienced differently by women and men. When women need to feel connected and whole, men seek a specific inner experience.

Psychological description of sexuality

How we will experience our sexuality is founded early in childhood. Natural and loving body contact with hugs provides the opportunity as an adult to experience sexual charge as something positive and enjoyable. If abuse in any form has occurred, the possibility of having sex as an adult is made more difficult.

Different cultures' views on sexuality differ markedly, although sexuality is a natural need and biology is the same. Religious signs of how sexuality should be expressed are common such as is not sex before marriage is allowed. Choosing celibacy for a life without sex is also usually linked to religion. The view of women's and men's enjoyment has different value in some cultures. Although we now have a relatively open view of sexuality in our part of the world, there is still guilt and shame attached to how we experience our sexuality.