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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Hypnosis to quit smoking is a very proven method of smoking cessation.

Have you decided to quit smoking? Then Hypnotherapy is a fantastic help.

Research shows that Hypnosis is an effective aid in quitting smoking. Unlike nicotine chewing gum which only helps against the physiological craving.

How does hypnosis work to stop smoking?

In hypnosis and deep relaxation we give you suggestions that you bring in. These give positive thoughts and feelings on how to become smoke-free. Based on this, you get help to resist your own desire and be able to focus on other alternatives.

According to research The statistics show that 70-90% of people who take hypnosis stop smoking.

Many people feel that being smoke-free or nicotine-free also affects other areas and gives positive changes in their lives, such as feeling calmer, safer and getting more energy.

Many smokers are skeptical of the hypnosis method, but those who have tested have been very surprised at the result.

Plan to quit smoking with hypnosis

What has worked best for my clients is that they come in 3 sessions once a week and most people manage to quit after the three times. Some smokers are in need of another one to two sessions.

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