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Hypnosis treatment for weight problems and weight loss

Hypnotherapy is a tool that can give you a naturally lasting weight loss. The technology is fast, simple, flexible and efficient.

The intention of hypnosis is to create a way to permanently reduce your weight. Hypnosis gives you a few guidelines to follow. Those guidelines are the ones that naturally narrow individuals think in their psychological approach to food. By hypnosis you will then automatically follow the guidelines. You do not need to think about following any dieting rules or stop eating some food. You eat what you want only the way of thinking is the right thing.

Slim people have a way of relating to food that does not gain weight. Their approach on a psychological level is what hypnosis is all about. That way of thinking can be yours and the technology is simple and can be learned quickly.


Hypnosis does not mean that you should exercise for many hours or eat as little as possible, but you need to make small changes that will produce great results. The result of hypnosis is that you automatically think and react to food so that you eat what you need and choose the other. This creates a weight loss that becomes lasting.

Book a few occasions with Inner Health to find your new approach to food and get a lasting weight loss.

Hypnosis program for weight loss

You will learn to think like slim people do. You get a new approach to food. You can end with different dieting methods.

You take control of your weight loss by eliminating what is hindering you.

There may be thoughts that you must not eat your favorite food, that you are not strong enough to handle it, that you have to eat the food on the plate, that the family looks a certain way, etc.

There are many reasons why so many fail to reach and maintain their target weight.

Through conversation and hypnosis we go to the bottom of the problem and find a solution. You get a new positive outlook on your ability to take control of your weight.

Starter pack for weight loss contains 4 sessions

  1. Talk about how your weight problems arose and how it affects you. You get to learn to relax and get a positive attitude to make the change you need.
  2. The session focuses on whether there is anything in your background that affects your ability to control how much you eat and what food you choose.
  3. Now we focus on removing the bad habits. We customize suggestions, anchors and increase the motivation that is always stored in your subconscious.
  4. Now we deepen your motivation and energy and make sure that the techniques are rooted in your subconscious. You are given more personalized suggestions that will lead you right. All in the direction of a lasting change in your weight.


Four sessions-SEK 3600

Extra session of 75 min - 900 SEK / occasion

Self-hypnosis recording

In order to bring about a change in your relationship with your weight, your thought pattern in your subconscious needs to be changed. Therefore, you also get a self-hypnosis recording as a complement to the regular sessions. With this recording, your learned behavior to fall for the suction or sugary you feel for certain foods is easier to break. You can use recording to help you control your choices and be honest about what you eat and how you exercise. You need to move every day instead of a workout a week and not compensate useless food with eating something useful every now and then.

Self-hypnosis recordings are used today by many for weight loss and to maintain weight. It is a natural and safe individualized method. In self-hypnosis you are in a relaxed state where you get in touch with your subconscious where your memories, instincts, intuitions and habits are. The subconscious constantly affects us even though we are not aware of it. You will, through various suggestions, turn negative patterns associated with food and exercise and thereby create healthy habits.

Recording with Theta waves makes your brain extra susceptible to hypnosis. Customized sound waves are brought into your brain via new, modern technology when you are in a receptive state of consciousness. In your subconscious, the desire for weight loss is pressed and stored.