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Finding and choosing the right hypnotherapist can be difficult in the range available. Then it can be helpful to share other people's experiences and views. When you want to share your positive opinion about a hypnotherapist, you can leave your comments below.

Here you can leave your opinion regarding your visit to the hypnotherapist. By evaluating treatment, availability and achieved results, you share with others what you have experienced as positive.

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On Internal Healththere is a link called "Leave a review”And there you can assess your visit to the hypnotherapist based on different criteria. There is also a comment field where you can describe if there is anything else you want to share. We welcome positive reviews but also constructive criticism in order to make our business even better.


All posts are reviewed to detect any spam or something that is contrary to Inre Hälsa's policy. Only after that is your opinion published. Your review can only contain relevant views about your recent visit and the therapist you hired. Crude language, social security numbers or full names are not published.

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Together, you and Inner Health can help others find the right hypnotherapist.

Here you can write about attitudes, accessibility, achieved results and your positive experiences.