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What is NLP?

Here you learn the secrets to creating successful communication. Discover how to use your brain in new ways to achieve success in different ways that you may never have thought possible before. Be one of a select group of people participating in this training learn the latest technology to create human development. As you learn neuro-linguistic programming, you will learn to make big changes in yourself and others quickly and easily.

By exploring NLP, you reward yourself with the best techniques discovered in creating scratches, self-changes, sales and more! We invite you to give yourself a gift unlike any you have ever experienced… get NLP training with us and open your gates for a new adventure!

What will you learn?

Improve skills between personal communications - Using your language more elegantly, more effectively

Resolving internal conflicts - decision strategies, motivational strategies

Use and change internal states to create behavioral changes

Develop meaningful goals and clear strategies to achieve what you want

Understand non-verbal cues and language patterns

To induce altered states in others through both verbal and non-verbal techniques

Get access to resourceful skills such as security and self-confidence

Use timelines to access resource permissions to build new directions

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NLP is a powerful method, technology and even an attitude… designed to help you build and easily access mental, physical and emotional resources, innate skills and creativity! This training is structured to open you up to more of your true potential both personally and professionally! Learn to experience deep states of relaxation, awareness and intense clarity. Get access to creativity, open paths for optimal health, change limiting beliefs and improve self-esteem!

Equally important, you will be able to do the same for your loved ones - including your children. Imagine being able to help them grow up in a positive world (and have techniques to get them to do what you want them to do without having to yell!).

When you learn the latest technology that is everywhere, there are no limits to the results you will get. See all the decisions you have been more effective than you thought possible. Hear yourself get positive results every time you use this information to your advantage.

Not everyone is convinced about this education. Until they do, that is. As soon as you enter this seminar, you will be happy with new insights, new ideas, new strategies and new methods to get what you want in the shortest possible time.
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Different levels of NLP training

There are many organizations that monitor, organize and often accredit training centers. All NLP organizations agree on the following levels of NLP training, which are available at many NLP training centers. However, this does not mean that you can move from gym to gym in the hope of getting the next level of education. Fitness centers often have their courses based on previous course content. Therefore, it is best to either commit to taking all your workouts at a center or check with the workouts before beginning your NLP journey.

NLP Levels

NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Trainer

And the latest reference level for NLP is NLP Coach (NCC)

NLP Trainer

NLP-Trainer is the first level in NLP training. There is generally no requirement for NLP experience and anyone can sign up. An NLP trainer includes learning the basic elements of NLP, as well as the techniques for combining these elements to apply them with skill and elegance. This training provides a series of skills and strategies for success, as well as creating value in life. Thus, it includes addressing challenges in relationships, business, family and education. Learning to solve such problems leads to greater personal growth. An NLP training usually includes projects with real application of the NLP skills. These skills help others overcome fear and phobias, in addition to learning greater confidence.

NLP Master

An NLP Master's program builds on practitioners' level materials in more depth or adds more complex techniques and models. Some of the most important areas covered include modeling and language. At this level, people develop skills to change beliefs and values ​​in themselves and in others that better suit their lifestyle, family and work system. Master's degree usually covers developments in communication techniques. These can include quantum linguistics, discovery and retraining of the unconscious behavioral competence and why people think differently and how they do it, which are our individual values. Education can also cover filters for our personality - Metaprograms, which are advanced strategies, advanced NLP sub-modalities, mediation skills and also advanced language negotiations. Each training center has its own set of courses in which they specialize. Taking the NLP master's course is crucial to completely transform your business, health and relationships. By completing this training, you can expand and earn significantly.

NLP Trainer

This program enables the discovery of your unique identity as a coach and presenter, which is what makes a difference. A person learns to be confident, which allows them to have fun and have peace in front of people. This training prepares you to become a charismatic and transformative presenter. It delivers skills and techniques to successfully influence groups, understand, analyze and coordinate group processes, and also master the skills of being a charismatic presenter. Upon completion, a person can present in front of groups of any size with perfect confidence.

NLP Coach

An NLP coach is skilled in not only NLP but also Life Coaching. They use the NLP tools during their coaching sessions to guide the client through the stages of a coaching session - Information gathering, transformation and integration.

An NLP trainer may have learned coaching and then added the NLP practitioner and NLP master tools to their reference. Or a coach may have taken a complete NLP-integrated life coach training.

A secure NLP coach can flow between several techniques and models and use specific ones needed during a coaching session.

Types of NLP training

NLP training was originally conducted in groups. It was thought that NLP needed to be learned personally to be truly understood. But over the years and with the development of the internet, online training has become more popular and accepted as an effective training style. In addition, some centers offer a mix of online and private training. There are many benefits to online education such as the ability to learn the material and practice it in and out of your daily life before moving on to new materials and techniques.

However, as with any NLP training, it must suit your personal style and needs. What you should keep in mind when evaluating which workout is right for you is:

  • The quality of the taught material
  • Their philosophy and focus
  • Affordable
  • Time required to complete the training
  • The credibility of the gym and staff
  • Accreditation and approvals
  • Support during and after your workout

Be sure to ask as many questions as necessary to find out if NLP's training center meets your criteria.

Our educations

Choose between exciting and good NLP educations in several places in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Uppsala & Malmö.

NLP Education

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