Hypnosis for anxiety - overcoming social phobia, anxiety, depression, fear of flying

Overcome anxiety and depression - release fear and nervousness

  • Do you often feel insecure, nervous or anxious for no reason at all?
  • Do you sometimes get a feeling of anxiety without understanding why?
  • Do you sometimes feel a strong fear of small and unimportant things

Does fear prevent you from thinking about more important things?

Hypnosis helps you create self-control and thus become more secure in yourself. It is a fast and effective method that suppresses unjustified anxiety.

What is Hypnosis for Anxiety?

Hypnosis teaches you to relax and helps you deal with and control negative emotions. In order to get a sense of well-being, balance and control, there are several hypnosis techniques available. Hypnosterotherapy helps you to cushion and relieve the fear of suffering anxiety effectively. It gives you the opportunity to feel secure and regain your self-control.

How does anxiety feel?

Anxiety can feel very uncomfortable with all the symptoms that come with eg. palpitations, hot flashes, dry mouth, nausea, handshakes, dizziness and breathing problems. It can almost feel like you have a heart attack, are about to die or go crazy. Feeling fear of anxiety is a normal reaction because we do not want to feel any of these unpleasant symptoms.

How common is social anxiety?

About 13% of Sweden's population suffer from social phobia at some point in their lifetime. Social phobia is the most common anxiety problem and often occurs in adolescence. It is also somewhat more common among women. Many people with social anxiety have a great fear of the idea of ​​having to talk to a stranger. Half of those affected seek help for their difficulties. 70-80% of people living with social phobia also have mental health problems, depression
and other anxiety problems.

When you experience these problems, it is important that you seek help. The problems are lifelong without treatment, social phobia does not go away by itself. However, there is good treatment to be had. KBT treatment and hypnosis for social phobia have extensive scientific support, but psychodynamic therapy has also shown good treatment results.

Hypnosis suppresses anxiety

Get rid of anxiety - overcome general anxiety, nervousness and the fear of hypnotherapy. The method of using hypnosis to curb nervousness and anxiety is effective. Hypnosis causes you to create self-control and thereby feel safe.

Hypnosis is a fast and effective method that suppresses unjustified anxiety.

Change your everyday life today and get help with your anxiety!