Performance anxiety and perfectionism can be managed with the help of hypnosis

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Performance anxiety is overcome with hypnosis

Performance anxiety is fear of failure or fear of failing to live up to one's own or others' expectations. It is not considered a psychiatric diagnosis, but you can still feel mentally ill if you have performance anxiety.

When you have a performance anxiety, you feel afraid to be examined and judged and then exposed to not being able to. You also feel scared to be humiliated if that happens.

Performance anxiety is a feeling and is very rarely linked to what you actually perform. Few people actually perform worse because they have performance anxiety. It is usually about how you experience and value your performance yourself. You get stuck in thinking negatively, aging and downgrading the performance you made and having a hard time feeling happy and proud of what you do. A person who has performance anxiety often places high demands on himself and his performance. Many are perfectionists.


Have you lost motivation in your job?
Do you get nervous when competing or performing differently?
Does the stress and demands of your ambitions and your joy take over?
Do you get stressed out easily and have a hard time thinking clearly when it gets hot all around you?

Att då och då stanna upp och se över ditt nuläge och samtidigt gå igenom dina mål och drömmar är otroligt viktigt för att se till så att du är på en plats där du vill vara. Att stanna upp och fråga dig om du har det du behöver för att må och fungera bra. Du har den inre styrka du behöver inom dig, men ibland tappar man motivationen och sin riktning och då kan det vara bra med lite guidning och träning för att komma på rätt spår igen. Vi jobbar med mental träning ihop med en hypnos inriktning och hjälper dig framåt mot dina mål och ser till att du håller balansen och mår bra på vägen.

Hypnotherapy & Mental Training Methods and Procedures

We at Inner Health are focused on privacy, jobs and sports and we use hypnosis and mental training as tools. This includes self-image training, goal programming, goal pictures, relaxation and classic coaching. We're on Internal Health stands for world-class health and personal development! For us, internal health means we want to help our clients build a new lifestyle, consolidate new habits and behaviors for life.

Performance improvement in sports

Using mental training, hypnosis and hypnotherapy in sports is nothing new. It has been used for many years, although not always spoken aloud, because of all the old ones Myths About Hypnosis.

Already at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, the Russian team brought eleven hypnotherapy therapists.

With the help of mental training through hypnotherapy, it helped the Russians win more gold medals in the 1976 Olympics than any other country.

Heavyweight boxer Ken Norton used hypnosis before his famous victory over Mohammed Ali. Tennis star Andre Agassi worked extensively with Anthony Robbins and utilized both NLP and hypnosis.

It is important to emphasize that hypnosis cannot create a superstar of a talented athlete but can create positive target images. Hypnosis strengthen the inherent talent, the capacity to enable the athlete to make the most of his ability.

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Here are some examples of areas that hypnosis can help you improve and achieve:

Sport Achievements

Study results

Sexual performance

Speak to audiences

Increase your creativity

Increase your motivation

Increase your endurance

Remove the doubt

Increase your attention

Performance requirements and performance anxiety