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Previous Life Regression / Regression Therapy

If you feel that you are stuck in life and do not go ahead and test other methods such as KBT and psychoanalysis but still feel stuck. Then you are probably affected on a mental level and need to dissolve past lives.

Past-life therapy (TLT) is absolutely no trick. It shows where you are in life and what you need to do to resolve blockages (karma) from memories in past lives. When we work with past-life therapy, we go into the depths of people's subconscious.

What is regression and how does it work?

By regression, you can explore past lives and discover strong emotional ties to certain individuals, cultures, places, or even talents. It can sometimes lead back to a past life. Overcoming fears or limitations can also lead to a past life.

How are past life memories experienced?

When you truly experience yourself in a past life, a change occurs and you gain an experience and understanding of your present life on a deeper level.

When you really come into contact with your past life that has affected you in the present life, your senses open up to a deeper level. It helps to influence you in different situations and the condition that affects you today. You can even understand your own karmic patterns.

When the pattern between the past life and your present problem is interconnected, the healing in your interior begins to be created into the past life which then purifies the emotions or patterns that have prevailed in the present life. Therefore, past life regression has become successful as it allows us to reach the basic problems that affected you in the present life and perhaps in many other lifetimes.

How is a regression going?

The first time we meet, we have a shorter conversation about why you have come. If there is any specific problem or pattern you would like to clarify.

The regression begins with the therapist bringing you into a deeply relaxed state. During the regression, you are fully aware of what is happening. You are in a very nice state of relaxation and inner focus. Once you have reached this state, you have access to all of your cell memories from early childhood and past life. What determines where you end up in the regression depends on the time your block is linked to. During the regression, the therapist guides you by asking questions based on what you say you are experiencing.

You can cancel the session at any time and do so by saying your name and opening your eyes. The duration of the session is about two hours and we record everything you say because you get many new connections when you listen to the regression again. When the regression is done, the therapist returns you and you are told about your experiences. We also book a follow-up call (about 15 minutes) after two weeks. Where we address how you feel and if you have any thoughts about your regression.

If this is your first time doing a regression, it is usually a strong experience to have confirmed that you have actually lived a past life. Many people feel that they have a completely different view of life and death after that.

Do I Need to Believe in a Past Life?

Some people are skeptical of earlier-life therapy (TLT) because they do not believe in reincarnation. Whether you believe in TLT or not, the therapy form provides a strong emotional experience and many find answers to things that have always existed in life but which they previously did not understand. You can sometimes find answers to severe pain and fears in a past life.

There are psychotherapists who are also critical of reincarnation but still use pastlife regression (TLT) as a therapeutic method to treat various mental and psychosomatic symptoms.

How does hypnosis help in past life regression?

The mind can affect us in many different ways. Can you imagine being on the beach? Maybe you get a picture for your interior or maybe a feeling is created in your memory. These emotions and visions produce a physical reaction in the body. Likewise, deep impressions are captured in our subconscious mind at various times in our lives, especially during traumatic situations. Sometimes these traumatic impressions remain for our future lives and continue to affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. Often, a trigger in today's life will set the pattern in motion. Past life regression not only helps to reveal the karmic bonds, but also to heal the impressions that continue to affect life in the present.

Unexplained pain that no physician can explain or diagnose in the physical body can lead back to a past life. Strong emotional ties with certain individuals, cultures, places or even talents can also lead back to a past life as well as overcoming fears and limitations.

Make an appointment with Inner Health to get a Past-Life Regression (TLR)

When you as a client book time with Inner Health, past-life therapy is a method that we use to get to the root of the client's questions, whether it is about relationship problems, fear, pain, emotional anxiety and other psychosomatic diseases. Depending on the openness of your subconscious mind, we will discuss before the session how to proceed.

Change your life today and get help solving your blockages!

Different types of regressions:

Childhood / Teenage

Previous life

Life between lives

To the uterus

Future (Progression)

Internal travel


The journey - physical

The journey - emotional

In what ways can a regression help you?

Regression can help you on many different levels such as personal and spiritual development, understanding fears, phobias, anxiety, dealing with relationship problems, physical problems or curiosity about past lives etc.

Past-life regression has a therapeutic function

Dr. Brian Weiss is an American psychiatrist and psychotherapist who has published books on how memory processing from past lives has a therapeutic function. Past-life regressions have caught the attention of millions of interested individuals. From healing physical illness to just doing it out of curiosity. You do not need to believe in reincarnation to experience a past life regression during hypnotherapy.