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Previous-life-regression -

Regression therapist training

When you want to learn more about Past Lives, Inner Health recommends that you attend this training to gain a deeper understanding on a spiritual level and how to resolve past lives that affect our clients.

Past-life-therapy (TLT) is absolutely no trick. It shows where you are in life and what you need to do to resolve blockages (karma) from memories in past lives. When we work with past-life therapy, we experience that the work goes deep into people's subconscious.

Regression & past lives

Through regression, you can explore past lives and discover strong emotional ties to certain individuals, cultures, places or even talents. This can sometimes lead back to a previous life. Overcoming fears or limitations can also lead to a past life.

Professional regression therapist training

Education is offered for you who are curious about past lives or who want to stay and work as a professional Regression Therapist. It is aimed at you who are active in other personal counseling or coaching who want to immerse people in personal development and their spiritual journey. The program is designed with very practical exercises and we offer the most important elements of regression and hypnotherapy in hypnosis through theory and practice. The course prepares you who want to perform previous life regression and also lays the foundation for understanding life between lives. The focus is on the technique of leading the client to a sufficiently relaxed trance state to reach the previous life and get in touch with the spirit world. Various regression tools and techniques necessary to prepare the client for the deeper trance level will be taught during the course. You will also learn what ethical rules apply, as well as what initial and concluding conversations are required to ensure the highest quality security.

Theoretical and biased exercises

Through practical experience during course weekends as well as theory and hand-in assignments. Do you learn to work in a previous life. By helping the client to make their relationships clear, to meet their feelings, gain an understanding of why things "happen" and why I am the way I am. During the training, you are trained as a client, therapist and assistant during therapy sessions. When you attend this training, your own development is in focus. You train as much as a client as a therapist and are given space to talk about your own life and your own inner development.

The training means that you can safely lead clients back in time, to childhood or back to previous lives. To be able to expose memories, feelings, images, events that have formed as a blockage and today may manifest themselves as physical or mental pain.

Through regression, you get to know yourself deeply. You will find explanations for why you are the way you are.

Different regression methods such as:

Resan in i ditt inre
Subpersonalities Past lives etc.

Different elements that are included in previous life education:

Deep relaxation, induction techniques (voice etc.)

Visualization in therapy


To change thoughts and release emotions

The impact of childhood

Soul perspective on who we are and what we have with us (existential questions)


Staging / re-creation

Roles - Pattern

Empathy, Forgiveness

Subpersonalities - psychic defense

Past life therapy

Practical exercises in regression therapy as a client and as a therapist.

Confidentiality, ethics and morality

The course is aimed at those who want to develop themselves and who have a genuine interest in people.

Professional regression therapist training

Advanced therapy techniques

Place and Date of the internships
The training will be during a weekend in Norrköping

We meet during a practical course weekend that is for 3 days.

Address: Finspångsvägen 63

Free parking is available right outside

Course material included

Coffee and coffee included

Datum för kursen är Fredag den 12 Februari till Söndag den 14 Februari

Fredag den 12 Februari kl 13.00-16.00

Lördag den 13 Februari kl 09.00-16.00

Söndag den 14 Februari kl 09.00-16.00

We reserve the right to cancel or move the course in the event of too few participants or other circumstances beyond our control.

Cost & Diploma

Theory course regression therapist: SEK 4,900 for a private person

For companies, VAT is added

Diploma is obtained after passing the course.

What is required for you to be able to take the course:

Du behöver ha genomgått Inre Hälsas grundkurs i hypnos eller ha en godkända grund kurs i hypnos som motsvarande eller är likvärdig Inre Hälsas grundkurs i hypnos.

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