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Pain management with hypnosis

When you feel better in your body, you feel better about yourself. Since you live in a physical body, it is good to take care of the physical health and learn how to deal with the pain.

There are different kinds of physical pain and we experience pain differently. With the help of different descriptive words we get different associations such as pressing pain, chopping pain, burning pain and pain that makes you want to scream etc.

Pain assessment by healthcare professionals

Often when we experience physical pain, we seek care to help relieve it. Sometimes, healthcare professionals can unknowingly affect your physical pain by giving their views on pain and pain. Because many of us believe in healthcare professionals, their opinion of your pain can directly affect your mind, for example, if a professional in pain states says that you will always feel this type of pain because of your specific condition.

Then your mind processes the profession's information and changes the way in which you interpret your pain. It can actually cause you to feel more pain than you felt before the professional opinion. Although physical pain serves to warn us that something is not right in the mind or in the body, it can be controlled by the power of the mind and altered by hypnosis for pain relief.

How is pain experienced?

My perception of pain may not be the same as your perception. The way the mind perceives pain directly affects how you feel pain physically which means that you are the only one who can really measure your pain. Your extreme pain can be mild in someone else if they could feel your pain. Therefore, only you can feel your own pain threshold. Hypnotherapy to relieve pain can definitely help reduce the intensity of the physical pain experienced.