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Welcome to Inre Hälsa's Self-Hypnosis training

One thing everyone needs to understand is that all hypnosis is in a way self-hypnosis, because it is about an internal process. You perform self-hypnosis on your own or with the help of a CD or media player etc.

In self-hypnosis, it is you who controls, performs and approves the hypnosis because this, again, is an internal process. In self-hypnosis, you get a direct access / link to your muscles, nerves and thoughts. As I said, this internal process serves as a guide for you

Self-hypnosis is the easier way to make a personal change.

Through self-hypnosis you can achieve the best change because we then have direct access to our subconscious without our critical mind (the conscious) being there and evaluating every new idea that comes to your mind. In this deep relaxed state, you are physically, mentally and emotionally relaxed.

In this state, we pause the critical mind as if we were pausing a movie and the critical has not disappeared but is only temporarily inactive. Likewise, if we turn on the movie again, the critical mind will come back again. In other words, you can activate your rational, analytical thinking at any time, but during self-hypnosis you prefer to enjoy the fantastic and beautiful state of total relaxation.

Workshop in self-hypnosis:

In the self-hypnosis course, we teach you to enter a very deeply relaxed state. Here we want to teach you to recognize the feeling of deep relaxation and you focus on learning to enter the hypnotic state in your own way so that you can learn what steps you need to take to de-stress and how to get in touch with your innermost core.

Self-hypnosis is very effective and gives fast results.

Datum: Lördag eller söndag 10.00-15.00

Maximum 10 participants

Kursavgift: 900 kr

Vi erbjuder även självhypnoskursen online/distans 

Utbildningen kommer att vara under en helg i Norrköping eller i Stockholm

Paid on:bg or with Swish

Place: Norrköping, Stockholm

Coffee is included with coffee, tea, fruit and something sweet, lunch is for you. Kitchen available.

What can self-hypnosis help you with?

Create greater relaxation in the body that makes you more harmonious in your everyday life. This helps to reduce your sensory impressions and you can manage yourself better. When you start using self-hypnosis every day, you activate certain parts of the brain that stimulate more positive emotions in your subconscious. This also leads to you getting more balance in life and you can more easily handle difficult situations. All this contributes to calmer mood, more stable thoughts and feelings.

When we work in depth with the help of self-hypnosis, we create deep changes in our inner self that are positive for our lives. All this is a natural way for the body to recover.

What areas of self-hypnosis can help you with?

Strengthen self-esteem

Deeper self-insight

Reprogram negative behavior patterns into positive patterns

Getting rid of stress

Find yourself

Improve sleep and sleep problems

Learn to relax

Get more focused

Improves your ability to concentrate

Learn to sit in total silence