Sports hypnosis training - mental training

Sports Hypnosis training

Sports Hypnosis training

How do you become an expert in sports hypnosis who can work with athletes?
You need to know the most important mental training method available so that you can influence at a deep level to increase the person's results.

Inre Hälsa's specialists in sports hypnosis have seen that when many of our customers do not reach their personal goals, it is due to lack of mental focus, mental training, mental endurance, control over their condition and the ability to let go of everything that distracts.

Learning sports hypnosis through our extensive training is fun and engaging. Would you like to have a career in sports psychology, personal training, life coaching or as a coach?

Then this is your next logical step. A career education in sports hypnosis is for you.

Mental training

It is often said that success in sports is 90% to 95% or even 99% mental attitude.

If so, why do most athletes and their coaches spend 99% of their time working on the physical aspect of endurance?

Those who have studied sports psychology know how to control the mind and body imagery to achieve top results.

Sports hypnosis creates images so that athletes succeed better in their sport. The method is fast and efficient!

What is Hypnosis?

Opinions vary on the exact definition of this natural state of mind. There is no legal definition of hypnosis. Many encyclopedias incorrectly describe this condition as an artificial sleep, but it is not sleep but it is a natural state of mind that you are in often every day. Every time we e.g. being preoccupied with a book or a movie, we are in a natural hypnotic trance.

Who must register for the Sports Hypnosis education?

Sports educators, strength trainers, hypnotherapists, life coaches, NLP practitioners, psychologists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, high school coaches and athletes seeking improved results.

When you become certified in sports hypnosis, you will have access to many hypnosis scripts that we provide as manuals during your work. There are endless combinations of processes and types of athletes that will benefit from this course and your knowledge.

About sports hypnosis

Once you have completed this course, you can also use the terms specialist in sports hypnosis or mental trainer.

If you are a hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner, this is the missing tool for your toolbox. Gain knowledge and get your company to expand into a whole new market. Enjoy working with people who really want change and who are highly motivated.

Training in sports hypnosis gives you an advantage to help clients raise the level of performance in different sports. As a certified specialist in sports hypnosis, you will also teach your clients the most important steps in self-hypnosis, weight loss hypnosis, mental coaching, training in mental skills, psychology in sports and more.

We can all agree that at elite levels in competitions, all athletes are very skilled, physically strong and have a desire to excel. It can also be said that those who have a mental advantage win every time when it comes to seconds or tenths that count. Due to this fact, you need to be able to take your athletes to the highest level in order for them to achieve the best results. Therefore, you need to take your coaching, consulting and sports hypnosis skills to the highest level by becoming a certified sports hypnosis specialist.

Choose the course Sports Hypnosis

If you want to deepen your knowledge in depth in sports and hypnosis, the course in sports hypnosis is the one you should really choose! Note that just by reading this, it helps to understand why the training will give you an advantage in mental training for both you and your clients. The course teaches you above all to find mental blockages and replace them with positive images. This is done through various techniques in sports hypnosis. You will also learn the body's own coordination system, which means that memories are located somewhere in the body. Memories are linked to a position, color or shape that can be in the body or outside. These are deeply programmed within us in our own symbolic language and they affect how we perceive ourselves in real life. You also get during the internship days a deeper understanding of sports hypnosis and other revealing techniques that make us work on a deeper level.

theory Course

You will receive material where there are instructions and templates for how you can deal with various problems and situations that arise during a session in sports hypnosis.

What do you learn during the internships?

You will learn advanced sports hypnosis techniques:

How to use sports hypnosis

How to get the right inner pictures

How to remove negative programming

How to work with the VM-RM model

How to work with fear

How to work with failure

How to work with fear of success

How to work with fear of being physically injured

How to use unstoppable language patterns

How to control your emotional state, whenever you want

The critical path to influence in every situation

How to create irresistible levels of scratches, whenever you want

How to create powerful anchors

Only when you are ready to perform deep sports hypnosis to change and influence the lives of others and your own, should you decide to book this course.

Take the next step towards taking control of your results by getting started today!


Date and place of the internships

Courses spring 2020

Sports Hypnosis & Mental Training

Advanced sports hypnosis - therapy techniques

Location: Norrköping or Stockholm


SIGN UP HERE! (Limited number of seats)

Sports hypnosis is a fascinating, captivating and professionally designed education. The instructor guides you step by step into the depths of sports hypnosis. Inre Hälsa's aim is for all students to receive personal attention and experience. The internship days are necessary for you as a prospective therapist in sports hypnosis and who aim to use the knowledge. The internship days are mandatory if you want a diploma that proves your professional skills. During the internship days, each technique is shown to volunteer participants. This gives you knowledge of how the techniques work and you also undergo your own personal development.


Diploma and Certificate

In the training, you will receive a home exam which you answer at your own pace. Once you have attended Inre Hälsa's sports hypnosis education, you as a student should feel and experience that you are a specialist in your field. It will help you to help yourself and other athletes. You learn through your studies but it is working in real life with paying sports hypnosis clients that you gain the deepest knowledge.

When you have completed the education, we issue a course certificate:

Certificate of completed course in certified sports hypnosis.

Sports hypnosis course certificate is given to you who have performed and passed the home exam and completed all internship days. When you receive the diploma from Inre Hälsa, you are qualified in sports hypnosis.

What do you learn during the sports hypnosis courses?

What you learn during the training in Sports Hypnosis will give you deep knowledge in various hypnosis techniques such as. mental training, creating anchors and conversation structures to be able to influence and move a client. Here we dissolve emotional blockages to increase the focus and performance of the athlete. When the education is completed, you have gained theoretical knowledge about the human psyche and mind as well as how the human brain works to create deep changes in the subconscious and the conscious mind. The training is designed for you who want to work with clients on a deeper level in sports hypnosis.


Theory course Sports hypnosis: SEK 4,800 for private individuals

For companies, VAT is added

What is required for you to be able to take the theory course in Sports Hypnosis?

You need to have completed Inre Hälsa's basic course first.


Think about this:

  • You will get a fingertip feeling in developing the game and the performance of an athlete and this contributes to your company getting increased income
  • You will have a unique knowledge and an exclusive diploma that complements your current certifications.
  • Your knowledge of the body, health and well-being will be deepened and you will be more clear about your clients' challenges.
  • You will have the knowledge and skills that are in demand
  • You can choose to work the hours that are most convenient for you and give you more personal time with your family and friends.
  • You have the opportunity to coach from your home or anywhere else in the world with internet and telephone access.
  • You will have the time, energy and passion to expand your influence and share your expertise. You can write a book or even have your own TV or radio program.
  • With this extra education and diploma, you will make yourself more valuable in sports and training.
  • You will learn many different life-changing techniques and systems that can improve your own training routine and your personal success.
  • You will have the power, knowledge, skills and best practices to dramatically improve the lives of others who need a balanced, physically and mentally healthy life.
  • You will feel happier, healthier and you will feel the joy of having a career that gives you the power to motivate and help others achieve overall good health and performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are my career options as a certified sports hypnotist?

How will I make money on this?

The great thing about being a certified sports hypnotist is that you have countless career and business opportunities. Some primary careers include: coaching clients one-on-one in their home, home or office.

Many coaches coach in groups to help more people and earn more money per hour. You can also offer your services online for individuals, small groups or large groups.

You can use fun online communication and collaboration platforms like Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom for your coaching services.

The list of possibilities is truly endless. Nothing is holding you back.

So make a difference today!


How do I get customers?

It's actually a lot easier than you think.

Here are some examples: Facebook is an excellent resource. An account is free and building a fan page takes less than 5 minutes. You can advertise to very specific groups of people who want and need your services.

Of course, you can also use Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and your other favorite platforms on social media. It's 100% FREE. Create and publish a press release about your company launch. It is easy and free to send out your press releases online.

Creating a blog for your business is very fast and is essentially free. We have resources for your online marketing needs here. You can make training / coaching videos and post them on Youtube.

When you offer this valuable free help, people will get to know and like you. In return, they want to know more and they are directed back to your Facebook fan page or blog for more information. Of course, you can upload your videos to any video site for an even greater reach.

Adding your business to Yelp, Find and Eniro is also a good idea. It ranks high on Google which makes your job even easier. Make sure you also add your business profile to Google bussines which is another free and easy way to get customers.

When it comes to off-line client strategies, you can do any of the following: Attend local events, business lunches, volunteer for a local charity, hand out flyers, have a flyer on your car, and more.

When you get started, you will see how easy it is to do. Now that you know what you need to do, you just need to implement and customers come in regularly. Inner Health also offers collaboration by mediating customers.

If you are a coach, this program will give your client or team benefits. If you are an athlete, you can also register and benefit directly by completing this training.