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Welcome to Hypnos in Turku

At Inner Health in Turku, we work with personal development and change work.

The work takes place individually, within groups and organizations. Anyone who in any way works with people and wants quality communication, increase their ability to handle change and create new meaning, benefits from a hypnotherapist. Both in working life, privately and as an athlete, hypnotherapy makes a difference.

The task of the hypnotist

The main task is to guide and make the client successful in their own change processes.

The hypnotherapist helps

We help and support you to find the answers and the path to change / development in the subconscious

Maximize efficiency

Hypnosis can be used to advantage to treat anxiety, depression, phobias, achieve goals and create a big life change in a short time.

Effective Hypnotherapy in Turku

Hypnosis is an important tool for creating profound changes both individually and in groups, to improve results. For you who want to achieve effective results in a short time and are focused and ready to achieve your goals, it is good to have a hypnotist who guides, listens and is focused on you! Our goal is to attract whoever you want to be. We at Inner Health want to help our clients achieve goals they did not think were possible - we know how to succeed!

Hypnosis education & NLP education

Are you a person who wants to create rapid change in people and want to work as a hypnotist or NLP practitioner? Here you will find more hypnosis training and NLP Training
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Turku, Finland

Turku, Finland

Hypnotherapy in Turkey

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