Hypnosis & NLP What is included in Inner Health's franchising concept overcoming anxiety problems, performance anxiety, depression, stress, phobias, mental training, education, online therapy

Franchises concept


Internet marketing

Inre Hälsa's main market strategy is to increase knowledge and awareness of various hypnosis services and work for each individual franchisee's visibility. Our marketing budget enables everything digital marketing entails.

Franchisees have a big case

As a franchisee, you always have the opportunity to propose and share your ideas and to share information that is relevant to operational improvements within Inre Hälsa's concept. We are all part of Inner Health.


Inner Health uses the latest internet technology and systems that give you a competitive advantage.

The result is a simple business idea that is easy to handle, which gives you the opportunity to focus on customers.

What place is Inner Health on Google?

Over the years, we have refined the search engine optimization and updated our website to near perfection.

When a customer searches for hypnosis / hypnotherapy + the place, we are in first place on Google in these places Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Västerås, Linköping, Norrköping, Helsingborg, Borås, Gävle, Eskilstuna, Umeå, Sundsvall, Sollentuna, Södertälje, Upplands Väsby, Lund, Norrtälje and Nyköping

When a customer searches for hypnosis / hypnotherapy + the following keywords, we are between first to fifth place in Sweden. Performance anxiety, pain relief, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, changing behaviors, fears, phobias, grief processing, previous life regression, fear of flying, sports hypnosis, quitting smoking, blushing, what is hypnosis, hypnosis services etc.

Franchise fee

There is a fee for all franchise companies that includes franchise fee, company page and marketing fee.

- Franchise fee, company page and marketing fee refer to one page = SEK 700 / month plus VAT and are paid to Inre Hälsa. All marketing fees are used to market Inre Hälsa's brand. In order for us to become even stronger together, the franchise company needs to write a few lines on its website about the collaboration with Inre Hälsa and add a link that points to https://hypnosterapin.se/


- Franchisees can rent one or more pages for different locations www.hypnosterapin.se
If any place should not be included, just let us know and we will post it. It takes 1-3 weeks before it appears on the first page of Google.

- Below is an example of a franchise company at Inre Hälsa

The company has chosen to be seen in two places.





Places that are available:

Hypnosis Gothenburg

Hypnos Malmö

Hypnosis Uppsala

Hypnosis Västerås

Hypnos Linköping

Hypnosis Helsingborg

Hypnosis Borås

Hypnosis Gävle

Hypnosis Eskilstuna

Hypnosis Umeå

Hypnosis Sundsvall

Hypnosis Sollentuna

Hypnosis Upplands Väsby

Hypnos Lund

Hypnosis Norrtälje

Your decision and your financing

If you want to own a hypnosis company with limited risk, reasonable investments, great growth potential and with the most attractive services on the market, Inre Hälsa is an opportunity you have been waiting for.


Realistic / transparent costs - Realistic costs for services and marketing.

Joint meetings to increase knowledge of hypnosis and revealing techniques.

Inner Health handles the marketing for your hypnosis company.

Growth potential - with our hypnosis services that are of the highest quality and a rapidly growing deteriorating mental state in society, you are perfectly placed to belong to the right hypnosis chain.

Franchise support - our support systems give you help and support in the following areas; client issues, training, marketing etc.


Inner Health does not want to fit in, we want to stand out! Our unique concept is not the only thing that makes Inner Health different from the crowd, but so do our 3 core values.


At Inre Hälsa, we treat each other with dignity and respect and have a deep appreciation of the cultural and individual differences that make our brand unique. We understand that good ideas come from team members in all positions and not just from management. Therefore, we encourage open communication to ensure that all team members feel comfortable sharing their opinions and using their talents to the full. We understand that a healthy lifestyle means different things to everyone. Since its inception, Inre Hälsa has believed in offering several choices, which gives our customers the opportunity to create, improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle in their own way.


Our team spirit through acid everything we do and is a high priority in our organization. Our internal cooperation and competence as well as the extra effort from all our team members in Inner Health leads to exceptional service that your customers will love.



We are committed to acting honestly, ethically and fairly in all situations. When you collaborate with Inner Health, you can be sure that we keep our word, deliver as promised and acknowledge our mistakes. Our great commitment to the highest standard of privacy is what will make our franchisees proud to be an important part of the Inner Health family.